Meet Our Coaches

Hoang Cat

Hoang is a senior project manager at Seven Consulting, where he manages a transnational project team of over 40 team members on multi-millions cross border projects. Hoang is experienced in consulting, project management and banking through working for Seven Consulting, NAB, UXC consulting. His major clients including Goldman Sachs, Super Partners, Hitachi, ANZ, MLC and Melbourne University.

Holly Huo

From Unilever to Ceridian I extended my passion for designing good products to make people’s life better from FMCG to IT. The genuine desire to create lovable experiences motivates me to think big, experiment and iterate. My logical thinking and creativity navigates me and the team through ambiguity toward exciting deliverables. With eyes on the future and technology, I aspire to craft innovative products to be consumed by millions of happy users.

Jonathan Yeates

Head of Design at ExperienceLab, London. Previously Manager, Experience Design at Nous Group, Melbourne and London. Service Design | UX | Strategic Design | Research | Implementation | Digital | Agile | Transformation and Change | Org Design | Visual Design

Edison Ma

Edison Ma is a Senior Security Consultant providing expertise on security compliance standards and IT security to project, solutions and clients. He is focused on building customer relationships through developing risk management strategies for enterprise level architectures. Edison is passionate about technology and IT security, with a natural curiosity and a thirst for challenges. Specialties: Australian government security standards, business analysis, risk management, threat/risk assessment, security audits, vulnerability assessments, security architecture, incident response, network management and design.

Jason Chen

Jason has over 14 years’ experience in IT, he is proficient in project management and machine learning.

Wenjing Luo

10 years experience as a business analyst utilising traditional and agile methodologies, With additional time spent as a Developer, QA, IM , BA and PM, she is highly effective in roles that require technical and system knowledge. Furthermore being in projects involving distributed teams through ThoughtWorks and REA has developed strong capability in key activities including inception workshops, persona generation, user journey, prototyping, user stories and acceptance criteria. As a natural coach of knowledge/practices, Wenjing is always keen to share new ways of working with her team - building up trust and establishing strong relationships both internally and externally with business/technology stakeholders.

Yuqi He

Experienced Enterprise Network Product Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in the build and support of products in point-to-point fibre, SDWAN, NBN, AWS, Cisco Systems Products, DevOps, Wireless Technologies and LTE. Strong stakeholder management skills and Agile project management /BA skills. Two Master's degrees focused in Telecommunications Engineering and Information Systems from Melbourne.