Meet Our Coaches

Shawn Shan

Shawn is a transformational Senior Program Manager with a local consultancy firm, with previous experience working in multinational Fortune 50 companies. He has successfully managed many large, complex programs with multi-million dollar budgets and multi-disciplinary teams in various industry sectors. Shawn brings diversified expertise and the ability to work across all levels of large organisations in challenging, high risk and political environments. He is passionate about helping young people in their career development. Shawn obtained his PhD and MBA degrees from top Singapore and Australian universities.

Sheng Li

Sheng has over 8 years of experience in the Mining Industry, and is registered as a first-class engineering specialist in Australia. He has experience in operations management, technology planning and work experience evaluation. Sheng previously received Graduate Program Offers from six big companies including BHP, Rio Tinto and Barrick Gold.

Daniel Wang

Skilled civil and project engineer with diverse work experience and directly relevant degree qualifications. My capacity to manage design and manufacturing processes in support of major construction projects has allowed me to establish a strong professional track record. I now wish to apply my skills and experience to a challenging engineering role.

Hoang Anh Cat

Hoang holds a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Melbourne and is an RMIT Environmental Engineering Honors graduate. Hoang Anh is currently the manager of the CSIRO International Relations Department at the National Science Organisation in Australia and is the Founder of Mentr.Space. She has more than 10 years of working experience in environmental protection and technology startup companies.

Stephanie Liu

A sustainability consultant with experience providing ESD design solutions to industry leading builders, councils and architects to improve the built environment, strongly believe that the way buildings are designed, and cities are planned will have a lasting impact on people's living condition and the natural environment.