Graduate Program Bootcamp

  • 18 July 2018
  • 6:30-8:30pm

Guest Speakers

John Doe

Shirley Gu

CEO/ Lead Career Coach Infinity Coaching Institute

Shirley has rich experience working at various international financial institutions including ANZ, and Bank of China. Previously, Shirley was the Director and Senior Career Coach at Careerist Consulting and strategic business partner at DreambigCareer.

John Doe

Hoang Cat

Senior Project Manager Seven Consulting

Hoang currently manages a transnational project team on multi-million dollar cross border projects. Hoang is experienced in consulting, project management and banking through working for Seven Consulting, NAB and UXC Consulting.

Course Highlights

Mock group interview and mock one-on-one interview with specialised feedback

In-depth guide to answering simple to complex questions, including behavioural questions

Course Outline

Online Assessment

Verbal Reasoning Test

  • Designed to test candidate's ability to comprehend and extract the correct meaning from complex written information
  • Usually consists of several short paragraphs, each with 3-4 multiple choice questions

Numerical Reasoning Test

  • Designed to test the data analytical abilities
  • Assess your knowledge of ratios, perceptages, cost and sales analysis, rates, trends and currency conversions

Abstract Reasoning Test

  • Designed to test general intelligence & logical reasoning
  • Normally ask candidates to infer a set of rules from a flowchart or sequence of diagrams and then to apply those rules to new situation

Psychometric Test

  • useful for analysing personality traits & behaviours
  • measure candidates' suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude
How to Ace a Video Interview

What forms effective communication?

Non-verbal considerations

Technical Set-Up for the Video Interview

How to Succeed in a Group Interview

Key competencies to be assessed in group interviews

The key roles in group interviews

Key things to remember during the interview

Desired qualities from candidates

Panel Interview Coaching

Mastering Behavioural Interview Coaching

Common Interview Questions

STAR Approach

Target Audience

  • Fresh graduates who are determined to get into a graduate program
  • Final-year students who are aspiring to get into a graduate program