From Job-Seeking Graduate to CEO - how I did it and how you can do it too


The idea to create a career coaching business – Infinity Coaching Institute - was born from several factors. Firstly, my initial career journey as an international student is similar to many of the experiences that our clients at Infinity Coaching Institute go through. Fresh out from university, I had applied to numerous jobs and graduate programs yet I consistently received the same sort of feedback from employers; that, despite my excellent grades, I lacked in work experience, a strong understanding of the local financial market and a lack in strong motivation with no clear career goal.

Feeling disillusioned with my job search and lacking in experience, I had flown to Sichuan province in China, in the wake of the massive earthquake that hit in 2008, to volunteer my services as a teacher. During my time volunteering and interacting with individuals affected by the earthquake, I gained a new attitude towards life - to enjoy the whole journey and not get caught up on certain things. During this time, my inner desire to help and guide people was realised and strengthened.

With a new attitude, I came back to Melbourne with a determination to strengthen my knowledge of the Australian financial and job markets. With that knowledge, I began applying for jobs again and, in the end, got an offer for a position at a prominent bank that I had previously been rejected from. In the same room in which I had unsuccessfully gone for a job interview a year ago, I found myself a different person sitting in the same seat. I learnt valuable lessons on resilience and persistence during my journey to this job offer – values I strive to instil in Infinity’s clients.

"In the same room in which I had unsuccessfully gone for a job interview a year ago, I found myself a different person sitting in the same seat."

Whilst working in banking, however, I found myself feeling disillusioned once more as I felt like a mere cog in a huge machine. I did not feel like I was contributing enough to the society - the changes I could make from my desk were very limited. At the same time, I had witnessed and heard numerous stories of individuals struggling to find employment in Australia and I knew I could help.

Since founding Infinity Coaching Institute, I found that the setbacks I experienced during my career journey have resonated deeply with my clients and I have been able to offer them valuable guidance and perspective having been in their position before. My first success story, the story which inspired me to create a career coaching service, was a girl named Kathy. I not only offered Kathy career coaching, but life coaching based on my own experiences, and she ultimately received her job offer from Nexia Australia at which she is still happily employed to this day.

Since Kathy, Infinity has grown to over 50 professionals from numerous industries, dedicated to coaching and supporting our clients to their career potential. My goal is to not only help my clients gain employment, but help them at every stage of their career journey, to reach their potential- and my employees share the same dedication as I.